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It shares the emotions that make the moments.

Ella Szczupak



When you're celebrating an important milestone for your family, you want to be sure everyone you love can join you. For those family and friends who cannot attend in person, make sure they have a front row seat for every moment with a livestream of your service or rehearsal.

You don't need distractions on your special day - let us handle streaming your event. With our professional streaming services your loved ones will see and hear every moment of the service from the comfort of their home and have the opportunity to sign an online guestbook with their well wishes. You won't have to worry about any of the setup, any distractions or interruptions during the service, or the possibility of technical issues. When the simcha concludes, you'll have nothing but happy memories - and a high quality recording of the service to keep for a lifetime.

Livestreaming is perfect for bar and bat mitzvah services and rehearsals, wedding ceremonies, and other family milestone celebrations. Looking for more than the service? Let's talk! Every celebration is different, and we want to make sure we're meeting your needs and expectations.


Video livestreaming provides companies and organizations with opportunities to put their brand and their message in front of hundreds and thousands of people with energy and engagement rivaling in-person events.

Whether you're hosting a live fundraiser, an annual membership or stakeholders meeting, or even an awards ceremony, your viewers need to be able to join you from any device and you need to be able to broadcast your message without stress or confusion. Our team approach guarantees that we'll work with you to deliver the best experience possible to meet your goals.

Our services include full live streaming, pre-recorded content streaming, or simu-live streaming (a combination of live and pre-recorded content).


We've worked with non-profits, law firms, technology companies, national broadcasting companies, financial planners, insurance agencies, private schools, universities and others. If you have a need or an idea, let's talk. We can bring your project to life.


From the service to the party, we've got you covered. Every mitzvah is special, and we love capturing the moments that make your day memorable. Let's get creative!


We're known for creating unique photo-to-video montages that are full of energy and creativity. We can transform your individual photos and video clips into an entertaining video that you'll treasure long after your party.


Dance performances can be totally immersive experiences that invite you to feel the music and the movement and the joy of the dancers themselves. Let yourself become absorbed in the performance, and let us hold the cameras. We love capturing the emotion and the energy and delivering video that allows you to relive the dance for decades to come.


Video is all about combining movement and sound to create that "I feel like I was there!" experience. And while you are there, enjoy the moment! Let us capture the entire performance with high quality cameras, a clear audio feed, close ups and full stage views, all the while leaving you free to watch the performance uninterrupted.


We are storytellers. We don't work with pen and paper. We work with memories and emotions. We embrace every event, performance, and project with the same dedication and desire to tell the story of the moments perfectly. From the pride in a grandparent's eyes on the bimah to the expression of a company's values or the appreciation of life itself from a cancer survivor, we tell your story. It's what we love.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Videography

Imagine getting to spend the happiest days of people's lives with them, and helping them preserve the happiness for decades and generations to come! That's why we love bar and bat mitzvah videography.

So much study and preparation and planning goes into the simcha, and when the day finally arrives, family and friends from across the country (and even around the world) come together to celebrate the occasion. How many times will everyone you love be in one place to celebrate such a happy event? Preserve that happiness by letting us capture the voices and the smiles forever.

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Behind the Camera.

The greatest gift you can give is the gift of a memory.

Ella Szczupak

Owner, Storyteller, Dog Walker

There's really no other way to say it. Ella loves video. She loves capturing moments and keeping memories alives. It's her life's passion. Well, that and dogs.

You could say that Ella was destined to work in film and video from the time she was born. Before she could even form memories, her dad was constantly capturing the moments of her early years with a giant camcorder (it was bigger than she was!). If it wasn't her dad, it was her dad's best friend, who owned his own video production studio and gave young Ella tips and inspiration. As soon as she could hold the camera herself, she started recruiting her best friend to record newscasts, comedy shows, dog and cat fashion shows, and even mockumentaries starring anyone and everyone she could recruit.

Eventually, her dad's best friend became Ella's first true mentor, teaching her how to capture a moment without disrupting the moment. Somewhere along the line she ran across an old 8mm film of her own parent's wedding, and she experienced firsthand the joy of seeing her parents dance together for the first time as husband and wife, her father singing to her mother, and her grandparents beaming with pride. She was hooked. And today, she remembers that feeling every time she captures the joy, love, and laughter for another family.

Corporate Videography

Over the years, we've had the pleasure to build relationships with several businesses and organizations as we help them spread their message and achieve their marketing goals. Every project is unique, and we enjoy bringing a fresh perspective to each client's vision and helping them realize their messaging goals.

From commercials to long-form documentaries, our experience with corporate clients covers a wide variety of styles and formats. We've told survivor stories for Be the Match Bone Marrow Registry and the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust, created the commercial Budget Birmingham plays during baseball games at the Birmingham Barons stadium, and chronicled the global impact of Emory University's world health programs.

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SAMPLE Our Work.

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Jackson's Bar Mitzvah

Congegration Dor Tamid, Suntrust Park

Being the youngest of three, Jackson had a lot of experience in how to enjoy his bar mitzvah by the time his big day rolled around, and we had a lot of fun capturing this amazing family's third mitzah! Jackson celebrated his bar mitzvah with an amazing party at the newly opened Suntrust Park after leading an incredible service at Congregation Dor Tamid. It's a testament to this young man's character and personality that he packed an entire synagogue and a stadium with the people who love him!


Rachel's Bat Mitzvah

Maggiano's Buckhead

One thing is sure, Rachel is overflowing with energy and charisma! She was infectious on the dance floor and kept everyone moving all night. Rachel's party was the third event we've captured for her family, and we were enthralled by her energy and exhilarating personality. When her mother described her as a magnet that people gravitate to, she was spot on!


Sloane's Bat Mitzvah

Congregation Dor Tamid, Alpharetta Marriott

When Sloane makes a plan, Mother Nature has no choice but to comply! Sloane's white out party was made even more amazing by a rare Atlanta snowfall, giving this family even more special memories of Sloane's bat mitzvah. We were thrilled to be able to capture the memories for Sloane, just as we did for her older brother a few years before.


Building Relationships.

Video is personal, even when it's business.

Blue Orchid Productions has been serving the Atlanta area since 2002. Over the years, we've grown our business by caring for our clients, understanding their needs and their vision, and delivering exceptional videos. Many of our clients have worked on multiple types of projects with us, from bar mitzvah videos to corporate messaging, and they choose us over and over again because we dedicate the same amount of passion, insight, and creativity to every single video. To us, the best video is the one that puts a smile on our client's face because, ultimately, it's your video, not ours. Reach out today to learn why so many families and businesses have chosen to work with us.


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